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The coolest dead scientist ever
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Yenri Star
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United States

Favourite genre of music: Electronic/Dance/Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: winamp
Wallpaper of choice: Sonic or DBZ
Favourite cartoon character: Vegeta / Shadow
Personal Quote: Whatev's Yo!
tagged by :iconalousysniper: 

Write 13 things about yourself.
Answer the 13 questions the person who tags you. After answering said questions, make up your own 13 questions for the person you tag.
Tag other Deviants. Make sure they know who tagged them.

13 random things about me because reasons 
  1. I have almost no sense of smell from exposure to heavy chemicals and possible brain damage 
  2. I'm the only left handed person in my family 
  3. I'm actually related to a celebrity (or so I'm told) wont name them cause we share our family name 
  4. I love working with my hands and have done everything from carpentry masonry metal milling plumbing electrical work (though i tend to stay away from that) even done forge work and taught a pottery class 
  5. the reason i tend to stay away from electrical work is because wile working on a practice receptacle someone though it would be funny to turn on the power and I badly shocked 
  6. I generally have no idea what I'm doing at any given point
  7. I found out that i was very distantly related to a friend of mine after we looked into why our names where so similar
  8. I have a diabetic cat and requires that we give her insulin every day (didn't know that cats could get diabetes) 
  9. wile working at the local hardware store i was told that the items that i was helping a family pick out where so they could grow pot in their basement
  10. when i was a small kid i thought i could dig in my back yard to find a giant cave system and tried to do so for 3 days
  11. the reason my avatar has different colored eyes is because my eyes change colors (not kidding have had times when my eyes were called green, blue, grey, and one time amber)
  12. WARNING GROSS    there is a large scar on my middle finger because when i was 8ish i got my finger bit in half by an iguana 
  13. i have a deep love for anti humor or even some levels of cringe

:iconbeanbagbrianna: 's Questions:

1- What is love?
baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more...
but if you want a science answer, its a series biological needs that compel 2 or more creatures to bread, but it can also make you feel on top of the world

2- Is live worth living?
if you think it is, more so i think life is what ya make of it 

3- So is Satan like Jesus's weird uncle? Or is that just me?
this is basically what i think *warning blood and language*
4- Is there a limit to sarcasm?
ya but that wont stop me from hammering a joke that isn't funny long after its run its course 

5- Black and blue or white and gold?
blue and gold cause reasons (or black and blue)

6- How long does it take for a meme to die?
memes are like namekians, they don't die they just fade away, also because of this i had to look up the dancing baby meme 

7- I can't believe it's not butter! Can you?!
Misaki Freak Out 50x50 GIF 
 everything i know is a lie!!!

8- Have you ever watched any of the following shows: Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Stranger Things? Because I haven't watched any of those outside of random clips I've seen on the internet >:D (Big Grin) I'm behind the times and have no intention to catch up.
the sad part is i have seen all of these though i haven't seen it them in so long and and they are low on my list of things to catch up on as i rarely turn on my tv

9- Am I the only one who doesn't either know or care what Homestuck is? -_-
I'm curious about it but not enough to check it out

what is this a reference i don't get
I not crazy I'm going sain in a crazy world!!

11- What's the most useless letter in the alphabet?
according to google its x

12- Have you ever dyed your hair before or do you refuse to get anywhere near that stuff?
actually i have a running bet with a friend irl that if she ever got a tattoo i would dye my hair
(she got the tattoo and i just want to do it professionally done first, also I have no idea what color to choose)
i also have plans on getting a tattoo because it has special significance to my family 

13- If you can tell me what any of these phobias are of without using google or any search engine, then I love you: Arachibutyrophobia, hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, Coulrophobia, Hemophobia. (yes they're all real)
the sad part is I have probably read these cause i know that I've googled this stuff before out of boredom 
Arachibutyrophobia - have no idea, maybe the fear of architecture
hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia -  taking a guess but i think its the fear of long words ( cause i remember it was stupidly long)
Coulrophobia - isn't it the fear of clowns (my brother in law has it and we plan on having him watch the new 'IT' movie)
Hemophobia - oh oh I know this one its fear of blood

(after i put this up ill google it)

:iconalousysniper: 's questions

1. What is the first game that gave you the feels? 
ho man... umm... the first game i THINK that made me Legit cry is The Last of Us or The Walking Dead's first story cant remember which one i saw first.
2. Do you like waffles?
Yes, especially Belgian 
3. Do you like pancakes?
Yes, with lotsa syrup!
4. Do you like french toast? yes I just spent 3 questions just to make this joke
oh oh oh! can't wait ta get a mouthfull! (but yes. again, w/ lotsa syrup cause im a fatty)
5. what is your weirdest guilty pleasure?
... i dont really know... o.O i dont think any of my "guilty pleasures" are really all that weird :P
6. Thoughts on the fidget spinner anime currently in the works? (no I'm not joking this is a thing)
honestly did not know about that lol hah... well ive only really heard of "fidget spinners" like a lil over a week? 
ppl will make an anime outta anything these days :/
7. Do you believe that we will go to a future like starwars/treck or terminator?
starwars isnt in the future, its in the past, in a galaxy far far away. comeon dude! TREK on the other hand, I would LOVE to visit other worlds and aliens <3
8. Would you be exited for a zombie apocalypse, if so are you prepared?
hell no? why would i WANT to fend for my life everyday against other crazy humans and man eating walking corpses? why would anyone in their right mind wanna DO that???
9. You wake up to find that you have been transported to the universe of the last game that you played, how screwed are you?
Life is Strange. :/ as long as max saves the day or what not life is normal. :P and im not a student so i dont have to deal with that shyt!
10. Have you ever found a reason to the evil laugh/finger pyramid of evil contemplation?
had to actually do it to know what that meant xD
other than just playin around with people, nah, not really the evil type >:]
11. What qualifies as dank, as far as memes go?
not sure what "dank" really means and I am SO disconnected to memes i get like maybe 20% of them? MAYBE?
12. What is your hidden talent?
most of my talents aren't a secret :P nothing I do is considered a "talent" more then likely a "skill" I get better at the more i do them. yeh im borring
13. Are you sick of getting these yet?
well this is only the second one ive gotten xP

13 things about me
1. i'm always perpetually tired, and nothing i do will stop it. -___-
2. i used to hate myself but now i just dont care and try to enjoy all the good stuff
3. i graduated in Culinary Arts but i still dont know how to do all that fancy shit
4. i have freckles on my earlobes that people mistake for piercings all the time
5. i made up the name Yenri Star when I was 13 years old
6. i used to be the ONLY Yenri in the artist scene or really anywhere until about 6 years ago >> (and now a DJ took the name to recently)
7. i'm 30 years old :P yup! its true xD (i still get carded a lot tho)
8. i'm pan-sexual borderline asexual 
9. even tho i'm an introvert i still love to see comments on my art. >///<
10. man this is a lot... uhhh... I really love apple juice!
11. koolaid is my jam <3
12. i spent almost 600$ on a Sans BJD >///> dont judge me it was a NEED, I NEED IT TO GO ON LIVING! when i get him imma take so many pictures, KILL ME!
13. if i haven't scared you away YET uh... i have like 17 games i haven't finished and like 10 of them i haven't even played yet... ^^'

13 more questions

1. Breakfast Sammich or Omlet?
2. Code Red or Voltage?
3. What do you think of my UT Fan Comic? :0 (since everyone who sees this are mostly in my watch list!)
4. What is your biggest obsession?
5. What have you been doing all day?! (ive literally done nothing i hate myself xD)
6. What is your favorite kind of music?
7. How do you sleep at night?!
8. Favorite Actor?
9. Favorite Smell?
10. Cat or Dog?
11. If you were given the option of killing and eating your pet to live, would you do it? (id probably die... i dont want to... but i just couldnt)
12. Do you Cosplay?
13. Do you go to Conventions?

anyone who wants to play :P
  • Listening to: Undertale Remixes
  • Reading: What We Have Built
  • Watching: Walking Dead
  • Playing: Life is Strange
  • Eating: Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Drinking: Gaster Dew


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